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Safer Neigbourhoods: Alexandra Team Street Briefing - Elgar Avenue

Jan '70
Thu 1st

Kingston Police has announced a host of public meetings, street briefings and community events to find out from residents what crime concerns they have.

Meet Police

Monthly public meetings with Safer Neighbourhoods teams announced.

Tolworth shopkeeper attacked by youths

Gang of twenty teenagers run amok.

New years day bomb alert

Police close The Cresent after discovering weapons cache.

Warfare estate

Sunray teenage curfew comes to end.

Station bridge attacker sentenced

Suit and tie mugger detained under Mental Health Act.

Another drugs raid seizes £1m cash

Major police raids around Kingston area.

Mystery man at station

Police would like to identify this man.

Another Surbiton naughtyculturists

Lovelace Road cannabis farm raided.

Dawn raid on pot factory

Heat vision helicopter spots indoor farm.

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