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Hello everyone,

I've just moved here with my boyfriend and what we really need to know is which pubs are decent in Surbiton and Long/Thames Ditton?


The Lamb - best pub in town. No contest.

dont go to the new prince the chef is a twit.

The Waggon & Horses and The Spring Grove are good pubs - both have their own atmosphere, the Waggon is a bit more sedate (except Friday's) and the Spring has excellent staff - they know how to pour a good pint of beer/guinness! They are not like Gordon Bennett/Rubicon (ie not' poncy') they are good decent pubs.

Thanks so much, we will try your suggestions on Saturday x

Admittedly it's impossible to find on the site, but our Best / Worst feature has a section for pubs and bars. It's possible to vote and comment there too.

My favorite three Surbiton pubs would be......

The Lamb – Arguably the best pub in Surbiton, great beer garden
The Victoria – Nice big Victorian pub, bit pricey for drinks though, but thats Youngs pubs all over.
Saucy Kettle – Bit of a sports type bar, open late, best selection of drinks in the area.

There are loads of pubs and I'm sure more wil chip in with their faves.

And welcome BTW.

I'd agree - the Lamb and Victoria have been the best couple of traditional pubs in Surbiton for a few years. The Surbiton Flyer is coming along nicely under new ownership as well.

If you like bars, Gordon Bennett is probably the best choice, but Rubicon and Bosco are also good with a lot of interesting events.

Hart's Boatyard down on the riverside has probably the best location, there is nothing better than sitting right by the water when having a drink. The place used to be bugged by service problems, but this appears to have improved in the last year or so. If you are venturing down towards Thames Ditton, The Albany and Old Swan are other nice riverside pubs.

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