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Format: 2024-07-23
Format: 2024-07-23

Victoria Rec. Rape

Police are appealing for witnesses after a woman is left for dead after
being raped in Surbiton recreation ground.

The incident described as serious assault is thought to have happened at around 6 o' clock on the morning of Sunday 5th September as the woman was walking her dog.

Surbiton police can be contacted on 020 8247 5136
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Surbiton employee shaves company logo onto head

DST International worker, Hugo Everitt shaved his head and beard for cancer charity.

Armed men con students

Tattooed con men tricked two students outside the Rat & Parrot pub into buying faulty goods and then threatened them with gun.

A tattooed con man convinced the students into parting with £200 for a lap-top computer and camcorder. Whilst distracted by a man in a car a second tattooed man switch the items for faulty ones.

When challenged, the two men threatened the students with a gun and drove away in the car, a maroon Vauxhall Carlton, towards Claremont Gardens.

Both men were described as 35, white with a shaved head and red and green tattoos on their arms.

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Surbiton fraudster dupes asylum seekers

Posing as a barrister and immigration advisor, Surbiton resident Munir Rafiq conned more than £100,000 out of desperate immigrants looking to settle in the UK.

Now remanded in custody until September 23 when he will face his sentence, Rafiq was found guilty at Snaresbrook Crown Court of seven counts of forgery, three of having false instruments with intent and one of possessing a replica Home Office stamp.

Though he denies any wrong doing, insisting incriminating evidence belongs to friends, he was accused of offering bogus fast-track British residence to would-be immigrants and is thought to have accrued far more than the �100,000 he's know to have acquired.

Newmans Chemists robbed at knife point

The Berrylands Road pharmacy was held up by a hooded man demanding a list of heroin addict prescription drugs.

The 60-year-old woman pharmacist's assistant had a bread knife held to her throat after the robber forced his way into the dispensary.

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High flying hot porn

Surbiton mental health patient is jailed after setting alight to adult magazine in airliner.

Young man, pick yourself off the ground

Vulnerable YMCA residents are being blamed for an increase in antisocial behaviour around the town.

Surbiton paedophile jailed

A Russell Court resident has been jailed this after over 30,000 child porn images were found in his possession.

Duncan Rusk was discovered to have been part of a international paedophile ring exchanging images via the internet. He was jailed for three years at Southwark Crown Court.

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Still no filter bed plans

Thames Water are still undecided over how to develop the filter beds site by The Thames on Portsmouth Road.

Though they intend to continue talks with residents, they have yet to make any decision as to what to do with the land.

Last year, after many years of local opposition, government officials rejected Thames Water's plans to build houses on the site.

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There's no smoke...

Two fire evacuations caused concern for thousands of Surbitonites last Sunday; Waitrose and Hillcroft College.

A faulty freezer in Waitrose initiated the first evacutation after is started smoking unexpectedly. The problem was quickly tackled with an extinguisher while the fire brigade were on their way.

The second, more disturbing incident happened during the night at Hillcroft college. Concidered an arson attack, a trolly full of burning papers was deliberately pushed into the entrance of the residential college and 20 residents were evacuated after the blaze triggered an alarm. Could this be the return of the Tolworth Torch?